Formulation of Hand Sanitizing Gel – Commercial Grade

Hand Sanitizer formulation recip
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The ingredients required for making Formulation of Hand Sanitizing Gel – Commercial Grade are Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol), Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA), Carbopol-940, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Tri-Ethanol-Amine (TEA) and Water.

Ethyl Alcohol (Pure form)60%
Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)20%
Propylene Glycol0.5%
Tri-Ethanol-Amine (TEA)~ Balancing pH
Formulation of Hand Sanitizing Gel- Commercial Grade

Equipments Needed:

  1. Drum/Container/Vessel (in which all materials are going to be mixed)
  2. Agitator (Mixer connected with motor to mix the raw materials)
  3. Sieve for pouring Carbopol in mixer.
  4. Mass balance

Equipments Setup:

  • The Drum/Container/Vessel should be placed on horizontal surface.
  • The Agitator or impeller attached with the motor should be inside that container and the height from bottom of the container should be kept as minimum to impose proper mixing.

Manufacturing Steps:

The manufacturing process used in the Formulation of Hand Sanitizing Gel is a bit care of deal. One should take care of following steps or you may lose your batch of manufacturing. The main ingredients or active ingredients in this formulation are ethanol/ethyl alcohol or iso propyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol. Our aim is to dissolve Carbopol, which is thickening agent, in water. Carbopol is a polymer and doesn’t dissolve easily in water. So, we use sieve for pouring Carbopol in rotating water to dissolve easily this polymer. Otherwise, if you pour Carbopol at once, then there will be many agglomerates of Carbopol that may take hours of agitation for fully dispersion. The rest process is just mixing with slowly. At the end pH stabilizing provides thickness.

  1. Take 15% Water in the mixing vessel.
  2. Run the motor to turn on the agitator for mixing.
  3. By using sieve, slowly pour Carbopol-940 in the swirling water. And wait for complete dissolution. This may take time. Be patient!
  4. After complete dispersion, add 0.5% of Propylene Glycol in the Carbopol Solution.
  5. Then add 2% Glycerine.
  6. Now, introduce iso-Propyl-Alcohol slowly.
  7. Afterwards, start adding Ethyl Alcohol very slowly. Otherwise, you may end-up with a milky liquid.
  8. At this stage, add Color & Fragrance depending on your choice.
  9. When all the mixture become coherent, please check the pH. And balance with Tri-Ethanol-Amine (TEA). This will turn your product into gel.


  • Use sieve for pouring Carbopol or use roto-solver type machines.
  • Don’t ever dare to have flaming items around you when working with alcohols.
  • Do not look into the vessel during addition of all chemicals as Carbopol smokes in the air and alcohol evaporates.


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