Manufacturing of Liquid Hand Wash Soap

Manufacturing of Liquid Hand Wash Soap

In our Previous Article, we’ve shared the formulations needed for the Manufacturing of Liquid Hand Wash Soap. Now, we will discuss the steps required to manufacture the liquid soap. First of all we will discuss the method for Commercial Grade Liquid Hand Wash Soap. Before that, let’s have a look on the equipments required for this process:

Equipments Needed:

  1. Drum/Container/Vessel (in which all materials are going to be mixed)
  2. Agitator (Mixer connected with motor to mix the raw materials)
  3. Mass balance
  4. pH meter (Optional)
  5. Viscometer (Optional)

Equipments Setup:

  • The Drum/Container/Vessel should be placed on horizontal surface.
  • The Agitator or impeller attached with the motor should be inside that container and the height from bottom of the container should be kept as minimum to impose proper mixing.

Manufacturing Steps:

  • First of all, take the mentioned amount of  water in the container.
  • Start the impeller for mixing.
  • Add said amount of Preservative.
  • After dissolving pour  mentioned amount of EDTA
  • Now, add  Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate. In it and allow mixing until all of the SLES dissolves.
  • After Homogeneous mixing, start adding the other chemicals in the following manner. Please be patient for complete mixing before adding the next chemical
    • CONDITIONER                  
    • FOAM BOOSTER              
    • SKIN SOFTENING AGENT                                                              
    • VITAMIN E                                                                                         
    • GLYCERINE                                                                                         
    • COLOUR                                                                                              
  • When all of the chemicals gets mixed, it’s the time to introduce our viscosity builder chemicals that is common table Salt (NaCl). Add the amount of salt mentioned. The amount may vary depending on the purity of salt. So you may vary the amount to have a desired thickness soap.
  • When hand wash liquid soap gets thickened, check the pH of this soap. Add small amount of Citric Acid, if needed, to set the pH at mentioned level.
  • All Done!

The Procedure is same for Economical Hand Wash. The mixing of the materials should be in the following way:

  • Water
  • SLES
  • SLS
  • Conditioner/Glycerine
  • Salt

Now, We will discuss the Tips, Tricks to make the same hand wash at small scale production without using mixing machine in our Next Article.

Manufacturing of Liquid Hand Wash Soap
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