Development of Novel Process For The Production of Anti Dengue And Insect Repellent Paint Emulsion

insecticidal paint


In this Article, we will discuss the research that includes the study of insecticidal paints in terms of their activity, effect and stability. First of all, the choice was made that whether insect repellent paint is better or the insect killer. This was done by making the literature review. It was observed that the natural oils can work as insect repellent whereas the insecticides like organophosphates and pyrethroid have tendency to kill the insects in no time. At first, it was good to move on natural oils to study insect repellent paints. But there were certain disadvantages of those oils which involve the bad and irritating odour which make the layer all around the painted area. The second and most important disadvantage of those oils was their instability. As their effect may last hardly few months or maximum six months. Whereas considering the effect of organophosphates involves the stability of more than eighteen months which is considered to be more stable. So both of these disadvantages lead to move the direction of research towards the insecticidal paints which have tendency to kill the insects. The insecticides have long lasting stability as compared to ordinary oils and considered to be more effective in killing the insects. But still, this killing of insects is not an eco-friendly way. Therefore, it was also considered that the prepared paint should have repellent characteristics rather than the insect killing. Thus, using small amounts of insecticides and also using them in the form of blends, this objective was also achieved. This research work involves the usage of three types of insecticides. One of the insecticide is of natural source, derivative of borax, which is almost not toxic to humans or cattle and pets. The second involved insecticide belongs to pyrethroid family of insecticides which has low toxicity to humans and mammals but strongly effect towards the pests. The third involved insecticide belongs to the organophosphate family which possesses long time effect and stability against insect killing but it is regarded as a little toxic to humans if directly exposed. But in order to prevent from this issue, first of all experimentation is performed using the individuals of the insecticides then afterwards, blend of low toxic to moderate toxic as well low toxic to highly toxic insecticides were made to study the effect and stability. The results of the study of insecticidal paints produced were then summarized to final conclusion.

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Keywords: Insecticidal paint, Paint coatings, Insect repellent paint, organophosphate insect repellent paint, pyrethroid insect repellent paint.

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