Abstract of Waste Water Treatment Plants Techniques

Waste Water Treatment Plants Techniques

Waste Water Treatment Plants WWTP Techniques: The shortage and the demand of water is increasing day by day to meet the requirements of humans. Purification of water obtained from underground has been done since decades or centuries. Now, inaccessibility of H2O & a need of recycling is growing interest in again utilization of recovered waste water (WW). Cost effective ways of treating the waste water is needed to gain trust of people. Therefore, some inexpensive and energy efficient techniques to meet this challenge are being discussed along with their efficiency comparison for treating waste water. The techniques for WW treatment plant mentioned in this work involves the use of trickling filters(TF), and fluidized sand filters(FSB), bioreactors(BR), adsorbers(AD) and ion exchange(IE) method using zeolites. The appropriateness of each technique is considered in terms of the depending parameters and conditions of environment. The removal efficiency of TF, FSB and IE method (zeolites) lies in between 0-35%, 80-90%, 86-88% and 16.22-93.79% respectively. Bio-reactors are also much efficient for N2 removal. Also, biochar adsorbent which is made from  pyrolysis technique has shown a good adsorption properties because of its regeneration.

After discussing a brief about Waste Water Treatment Plants WWTP Techniques, Now, we will start learning about waste water, its sources and treatment in the Introduction.

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